We're a garlic farm, but as some of you may know, it doesn't stop there. I realize that curiosity killed the cat. But venturing in different directions also keeps farming interesting and keeps my mind fresh.

The rabbits arrived at the farm late 2013. They initially we're one of those puzzle pieces that were missing in our garlic operation: our own manure source! 

In the last few years we've driven hundreds of kilometers consisting of small 10km return trips of getting manure. Weeks worth of time hauling and spreading the good stuff that feeds our garlic. That had to stop. But the need for great natural fertilizers doesn't stop.

Two years ago I spread a few loads of rabbit manure on a corner of the garlic field. That area grew exceptionally well. I was amazed and had to learn more about this superb manure. And it turns out that rabbit droppings are among the best manurers one can get. Have a look at the figures in this comparison.

The case for rabbit meat

Of course rabbits are useful in more ways. Back in the day, while still in Holland, we would frequently eat rabbit meat. A festive meat which often bathed in beer for a day or so before we cooked it up! So needless to say, the homesteader in me had some alternative motives up his sleeve. And although it started off as a manure problem,