Bart Nagel

Garlic farmer, garlic lover, garlic connoisseur and passionate locavore with a heart for full flavour food (read: very garlicky). Barts love for garlic has grown into a hobby that became a unique seasonal farm and food business. The Dutch garlic farmer is frequently invited as a guest speaker on growing garlic. Through Bulbs of Fire he supplies gardeners and commercial growers with seed stock and advise.


Simone Nagel

Supporting and loving wife of the garlic farmer. Expertly prepares our smoked garlic preserves and many other of our additional products and host of the garlic store at the farm when the farmer is at the market.


Lynn Nagel

Chief operator of the welcoming committee for everyone visiting the farm. Knows how to snap a garlic scape like a pro and is eager to show her skills off. Lynn also actively proclaims her love for garlic dip and garlic butter.


Luke Nagel

Supporting welcome committee officer, and profound critic of everything we do. On the record he hates garlic with a passion. Off the record: he pretty much devours whatever we put on his plate. But please don’t tell him he’s eating garlic!


Non-Nagel Garlic Family

Erik Watts

Bulbs of Fire right hand man has been a vital part of our farm since 2015. Chief weed exterminator and like minded organically inclined gardener. It will not be long before Erik knows way too much about all those garlics and how to grow them well!


Mark Talma

Local Chef Mark Talma has been part of Bulbs of Fire since 2014. He’s a driving force behind many of our culinary adventures. Mark discovered his love for garlic through our garlic and has been cooking up a storm with it ever since. Recently he moved to the area and started his own garden. We’re proud to be able to partner with a chef drawing inspiration from the freshest food our region produces.