Back in 2006 the Dutch garlic farm owners Bart and Simone Nagel came to Canada in search of a simpler life, more connected to the land and the seasons. Back then garlic was just one of the veggies they grew. Never were they expecting the sheer passion that would develop for this healing and tasty superfood.

When Bart discovered how much more flavour heritage garlic brought to his plate, he had to find out more. A handful of varieties slowly took over the complete veggie garden and a business naturally sprouted. That Business is now known as Bulbs of Fire Garlic, named after Barts love for very spicy garlics. That love only grew over the years and each season he’s eager to add a few new cultivars to try both in the field and on his plate. and it’s funny how we never intentionally sought a career in farming. It sorta happened. Shortly after we came to Canada about 10 years ago, we started growing a good portion of our own veggies and we kept some chickens. When folks heard about our delicious eggs, it grew into a steady homesteading business. Soon enough the garlic hanging to dry of the porch peaked the interest of our egg customers who increasingly expressed interest in it. The requests to sell it kept coming and in 2011 we decided to plant a few thousand cloves to see if there would actually be a market for it.

Little did we know off what we would step into. We quickly found out that a few thousand garlic bulbs is not nearly enough to meet the demand. We quickly grew a tenold of the initial crop and now farm over 35 different strains of heirloom garlic.

Above all the farm life provides so much joy coming from simple things. From a mother hen caring for her new born chicks, the joy our kids Lynn and Luke experience when feeding chickens, the knowledge of preparing and eating a meal purely made from stuff grown and harvested right here. Simple but special.

The garlic takes a special place in the farm life. But there is so much more going on here. We raise rabbits and chickens like true homesteaders did so many years ago. We also specialize in a few chicken breeds. Coucou de Malines and Black Copper Marans are long time farm favourites of which we ship fertilized eggs throughout Canada every Spring. 

My wife Simone and I also run a dog breeding program here. We breed Bernese Mountain Dogs under our kennel name Mount Magic. Our goal is producing healthy Berners that exemplify the breed standard. Our dogs all come from European champion bloodlines.

Anyway, enough about us. Thanks so much for your interest in us and our garlic in particular. We hope you enjoy the website and find the information provided worthwhile.

We love hearing from you!

Bart & Simone Nagel