Our gourmet garlic subscription is on again!

For the 2017 season we're offering a subscription for a 6 month period, starting in August 2017 Bulbs of Fire will pick a different garlic for each month and supply subscribers with 2 shipments of 3 bundles/braids of local, organically grown, heirloom garlic.

Subscribers have the opportunity to taste a wide range of garlic flavours, from a selected group of heritage garlics originating from all corners of of the world. Ranging from Ontario's popular 'Music' to the Italian favorite 'Sicilian Gold' and the Russian powerhouse 'Chesnok'!

These garlics can be enjoyed in your kitchen, or you can plant a few cloves in October. Bundled/braided garlic also makes for a beautiful gift.

The price for this subscription is $29 per month (plus shipping, if applicable). For the 2017 season we will cap the number of subscriptions at 25.

Please note: Local subscribers can pick up their garlic bundles on a monthly basis at our market booth or farm location.


Receive a bundle or a braid of organically grown, heirloom garlic to your door